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>> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> roll tide. if it's way too early, you win enough of these things. stop being a pig. >> pigs get fat. hogs get slaughtered. here's chuck. >> one month left in 2013. will it be a happy holidays for president obama after a very tough year? first wave of fixes for health we wait to find out the true test. what happens when more people logon today. an update on the commuter train derailment in new york and what governor cuomo had to say. find out whether kiber monday sales will live up to the hopes and expectations of retailers and how close to reality the plans to deliver the orders with drones. forget mail box baseball.
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high school kids will have a new game to play if drones deliver things. good morning from washington. monday, december 2nd, 2013. this is "the daily rundown" fresh off from my sunday turkey chili. the obama administration's deadline to have a better functioning for the vast majority of consumers has come and gone and the administration is claiming success. >> the hom binbottom line, is night and day. >> that was a low bar. >> he effectively gave itself a pass after saying 400 bug fixes and software improvements and the site is working more than 90% of the time. the site was stable only about 43% of the time. administration officials say
6:02 am can handle 50,000 users at a time in at least 800,000 users a day. to put that in perspective, a year ago, recorded 35 million user visits in a single day. they did not blame anyone by name. it was critical of the management team led by kathleen sebelius. >> our assessment identified weaknesses in how the project was being managed. slow decision making. the private sector. >> they echoed the indictment of government claiming that the team is operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness. whether it was intended or not, that indictment of government by the party of government is perhaps the most intriguing and
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bruising part of this administration produced report. it questions the ability to manage projects effectively at its very core. it was a criticism that republicans jumped to echo on sunday. >> there thousands of entities that could have set this up with 600 million in three years. >> you never get a second chance to make a first impression. it was terrible. i think it's going to be an unfolding disaster for the president. >> we broke in to help a few. nobody would fix a problem that way. >> the president's former chief of staff bill daley criticized the ability to manage projects effectively in a "washington post" op ed. >> there is very much a problem of management in the federal government. this is a democrat republican problem and at some point a president and the congress has to take these issues more seriously.
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>> the president hoped to launch a second term by breaking a fever and rebuilding trust in government. by any measure it has been a rough year. the push for gun legislation went nowhere. health care roll out has been a pr disaster and though the economy approved, much of main street is not feeling it. the white house will be able to turn public opinion around. >> it has been a tough patch and it's not just health care. the shut down affected everybody, but i think let's fast forward to the state of the union and months afterwards. a lot of people are signing up and economy continuing to strengthen. no wash shutdowns. people trust the president. i am confident the trust numbers will come up and his approval will come up. >> even plus benchmark for health care's success, we are not exactly ambitious. >> is may take until 2017 when the president leaves office. you will see almost every state
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running their own exchanges and expanding medicate. it will work well then. >> okay. the months ahead, democrats will point to examples of americans having success with the website. republicans will point to continued problems which they will make as personal as possible. something we saw on sunday. >> i have to grab the other day. his wife is expecting a baby at the end of december. they have a cancellation notice. if she has the baby in january, he doesn't know how to pay for it. people who are trying to fight cancer are getting thrown out. as a survivor, you want your focus being on beating the disease. >> to gauge whether is working, there two things to truly watch for in the next few days and we weeks. the white house and insurers have not been confident enough to unleash the marketing campaign. the president has not been
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confident enough to use the pulpit to use the government to visit. when you see that, you know there is confidence. insurers are going on the site to say it's flawed. they said in a statement friday, the significant back end issue must be resolved to ensure coverage can begin on january 1st. the other sign is the skiddish democratic politicians from red states. less or more skiddish? that will be another tell. you heard news dumps by the way in a wednesday before thanksgiving news duchlt maybe the ultimate of news dumps. they announced a delay of online enrollment trying to purchase exchanges. just before the fourth of july, penalties for businesses mandated to provide insurance would be delayed a year. the next deadline is in just three weeks.
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the last day for coverage to begin. ultimately the site will be a success or failure based on the number of americans who enroll. that number was just about 106,000. the administration hopes they are close to 7 million. in other words 1.5% of the way there. by the middle of the month, the white house will release numbers for november. they are able to double october enrollments or triple them and that means maybe 200 to 250,000 enrollments in november. if they double that number in december, they are looking at 500,000 or close. that means even under the best case scenario, less than a million enrollees with three months to go. six million in three months. white house director jennifer palmieri is a little warmer on
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the north lawn this morning. happy thanksgiving. >> good morning, chuck. happy thanksgiving. >> let me start with how confident you feel about the website fixes themselves. are we going to see a public relations effort perhaps by the president's political arm by health insurance companies this week? >> we feel confident about the site working now as it was intend and originally conceived to do granted two months later than we or anyone would have liked to have seen. we have confidence in that. the question about what you are getting at is whether or not we are trying to drive traffic to the side and use the different communication arms and insurers and television advertising to do that. we don't need to do that. it's not about confidence, but whether or not you need to drive
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traffic. we anticipated that because of. >> if the numbers start to drop off, we will take action to get more people to the site. right now that's not our problem. >> one of the more intriguing phrases in the report that his team produced having to do with the website working at a private sector velocity. that's the phrase he used on the phone. similar phrase in the report itself. perhaps that was an unintended indictment that normally government doesn't work efficiently? is that what the report was intending or the message was intending to send? >> the message of that phrase is that there some things the private sector does really well and creating and running
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websites is one of them. we always look for the best practices from the private sector that we can bring. some things they don't do well. for example, in the case of health insurance being able to provide affordable coverage to everyone. they needed to step in and put rules in place for protection so people can get health care and people can get dropped from employer coverage and have another place to go. the approach we take is let's take the best practice from the private sector where they do well and maybe better than us. this is an area where they do that and that's the practices we wanted to bring and his team helped us to bring to the website. >> by the way, is jeff going to start? he is supposed to be the council of economic advisers for the president. that's the start of the year. is he still going to start on time or is he going to be dispatched on health care through the first enrollment period?
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>> he is. right now he is focused on the website on which he is grateful. that will continue for the immediate future. he will become the nec director, i'm not sure of the date. the other thing is when jeff does leave, is it going to be a short-term assignment and he will be replaced by someone. both think it's important that we have someone whose job it is to focus specifically on the technology on the website. on doing what we need to do to get the and this will be the full time job. >> she there now and i don't have a departure date for him. we will make it for someone else. >> i want to get your reaction calling 2013 a lot of year for president obama. what say you? >> the president takes a long view of things as you know.
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i listen to your lead in and things that we didn't get background checks for guns passed and immigration reform. both of those are true, but we made a lot of progress. we would like to get both of those passed as soon as possible. in the end whether that happens in 2013 or 2014 would be better for everyone involved if it happens sooner rather than later. let's get it done and we made a lot of progress on the issues and continue to push it as long as it takes through the rest of the presidency. we are not looking at progress on perhaps the same calendar. >> fair enough. i'm going to leave it there. the communications director for the white house, thanks for coming out to the north lawn. i know it's chilly. >> a little chilly. >> more first read next. it is the season for the last minute senate retirements. we will tell you about some of them.
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the holidays make everyone take stock in their lives. it's no different. who will be the year's unexpected retirement. we are making a list and checking it twice. always fun for the campaign junkies. we will have the latest on the deadly derailment in new york city. they have the black box and are starting to piece together what happened. we will remember a number of the nbc family lot of in that tragedy. the tragedy, world aids day yesterday. the president will do an event talking about aids awareness today. there is the ribbon in front of the white house. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪
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back now with more of my first monday and december 1st reads. with december 20 sfrean right around the corner. time is running out for lawmaker who is are on the fence to make a final decision about running for reelection. the season at landscape, we are waiting on a big one. the senator decided on his reelection bid sometime in the next few weeks. we can't rule out a december surprise. there could be another one or two big names who call it quits. people we haven't been talking about. lindsay graham may decide he doesn't want to deal with the challenger. he is tired of the tea party moves. mark warper could decide the senate is not what it is cracked up to be and he wants to go back
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to the private sector. you never know what gets added to a fluid situation in the senate. there 53 democrats and 45 republicans and two independents who caucus with the democrats, giving them a ten-seat majority. picking up six seats to win control in 2014. 35 of the 50 seats will be up for grabs. 21 held by democrats and 14 held by republicans. aside from a couple of appointments in the last couple of years, these were senators who won in 2008, a big year for the democrats. any republicans are running are in safe states. seven of them being left open by senators. five were democrats. south dakota's tim johnson and jay rockefeller. they served a combined 25 terms in the senate. how about that? two republicans right now in the
6:19 am
list. don't expect the republicans to lose seats. they can defend enough of their own turf up in 2014 in states that mitt romney won in 2012. that includes open seats in west virginia, south dakota and montana. not surprisingly, the states are home to four of the most vulnerable in the senate. one republican held seat is up for grabs in a state that president obama won last year. that seat belongs to maine's susan collins. it is likely seasonate overall will get more conservative? why? there will be more conservative republicans to replace less conservative republicans. they are facing a tea party challenge. if he doesn't run, you know it's a more conservative member replacing him.
6:20 am
they will likely replace the senate and of the rothenburg report. the national editor of the report and a fellow at the university of chicago's institute of politics. aim, since you are not on set, i will start with you. let's start withed that cau edt. seventh terms are surprisingly tricky. it is amazing those that attempt seventh temps, a lot of things get in the way and becomes the toughest of reelection battles. >> a couple of things going o he doesn't look like a guy interested in running. he has a lot of money running and this is not somebody that looks like he is getting ready
6:21 am
at least financially for a serious fight. this is what's important when you look at the issues for so many members. they are part of the old establishment. the record and what makes thad rock kanaan effective senator in terms of bringing bacon home to the state are not the sorts of things that work well. he is part of the old order that the tea party is trying to oust. that will work against him more than anything else. >> voters don't reward that. all the experience that is leaving. anybody in the good old days is running for the hills when you look at guys like rockefeller, parkin and bacchus. to me the biggest surprise is a
6:22 am
one-termer who said not for me. that's what i'm wondering. others they this is not for me. >> they got into a legislative process who was convinced to run for this. this is what i thought before i was convinced to run. that's why his name keeps coming up. it almost wouldn't be a surprise since we have been talking about it for so long. >> anybody else you are thinking, i would like to hear from so and so because he hasn't said much. >> if our job was to avoid them, they would be talking about them. that would be a surprise. i don't think he is going to. >> not after the rules of the senate. democrats on defense and republicans believe they can just win red states. get control of the senate. a month ago they erased
6:23 am
republican chances of winning the senate. and things look different. >> the president's approval rating is different. he is at 41, 42% nationally. we know what it will look like in louisiana and arkansas. it's lower than that. it's mid-term elections that are referendum on the president. much more so than individual members. we look at folks like mary landrieu and say these are good candidates and run strong campaigns, but at the same time the drag from the top of the ticket will be a serious issue for them. they have to figure out how to do that balancing act. he is not going to be the last issue they will have to figure out. that for the big picture will be where the president is. he is at 41% into november of
6:24 am
2014. even if you are running a great campaign, it may be too much. >> hagan, landrieu without obama in 08, none of them are in the senate. pryor is a different story. the obama enthusiasm didn't get there in 2008. if they jump ship from the obama coat tails, they grabbed on to them to win elections. >> they led the demographics of the president's supporters without the baggage. >> very quigley the primary challenges. are we surprised that more hasn't popped up. he ducked a challenge although anything is possible. >> some of the times these are moderate versus conservative or establishment versus anti-establishment. >> mississippi will be the
6:25 am
center of that fight with wyoming ins it category. >> in terms of luger and oren hatch, depending on how long they have been in office, how seriously do they take the primaries in the beginning. that's when they start to get in more trouble. >> when do we know if the maps have been expanded. republicans are talking about minnesota and michigan and throwing in states like that. even with udahl. when do we know if they have been expanded? >> colorado especially a state that is supposed to be a bell river. they have been notoriously weak. to see what happens in georgia. it's not a matter of republicans expanding that. if the correct candidate wins in georgia, i think that takes that
6:26 am
seat off the map. kentucky as well. >> we shall see. always fun to do the map. we don't have to push it too far yet. thank you both. up next on this cyber monday, could siborings be the future of online shopping? could it end up being the new pave of teenage boys? an amazon fulfillment doctor of how drones could deliver packages to your door. who was the first president to mark world aids day to put the ribbon on the front door? coming up on tdr. ♪
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>> time for stats that will take you from the top of a washington landmark to the deepest discounts and for the guy who went the distance of a time in a matter of seconds. a small number that would be worth billions. three is the number of months in a row both the dow and s&p 500 posted gains. this is expected to continue to deliver good economic news since december is usually the best month of the year. our next number is 8,999,200. that's how many pounds of iron work were bolted to do the capitol dome. that was exactly 150 years ago today. the total cost at the time was just over a million. the current restoration project
6:31 am
will cost about $60 million. architects say they need to fix at least 1,000 cracks in the cast iron covering that is the capitol dome. >> our next number is 15, the number of seconds it took chris david to run 109 yards to run for the win. some are calling it the greatest ending in college football history. i'm all for that. alabama had just enough time to try the goal before the game went into overtime. davis grabbed it for a run back that nobody had ever seen for an ending of a football game. finally, 141 million is the number of shopper who is hit the stores this weekend. two million more than last year, but they spent 4% less. the early door buster sales and deep discounts might have cost retailers a little bit of money. let's talk about what's going on
6:32 am
here. 131 people are expected to shop on this cyber monday. this sib every minute as big of a deal as it was for the last decade. janet shanley joins us live from the phoenix distribution center, one of the major retailers online, all they want to ask you about are drones. i will set aside that question for a minute. do we think cyber monday is still cyber monday the way retailers have treated it? >> it's a great question. cyber monday came about because people didn't have broadband in 2005. on monday when they went back to work where there was broadband, they went shopping. now everybody has broadband and in five shoppers will use them, but to hear the retailers tell it, cyber monday does exist.
6:33 am
they are expecting to match your numbers. 300 orders every second of the day. 26.5 million orders is the estimate. they think cyber monday is going full speed. it's 131 million people who will shop today, not 130. this place is massive. to give you an idea, it's 20 met life stadium, six miles of conveyor belt and people working day and night. i know you want to talk about the drones. >> that's all anybody cares about when they hear amazon. will the drones deliver my ream of paper, that odd thing that i order on amazon. >> absolutely yes if you listen to them. this technology will be ready by 2015. there is a small problem because it's currently illegal according to the faa. they believe they will get
6:34 am
through the hurdle. it's incredible. within a ten-mile radius, you can have your ream of paper for $4.99. >> you have a lot of kids, teenagers, you know what they will do with drones. i hear bb guns and all sorts of nuttiness when they come around the neighborhood. just saying. >> it's a can of worms for sure. you can't deny it's a cool technology and he's come to it before when people said it was impossible. we will see. >> in 2350e7bics, next up, the latest from the train derailment in new york city. it's the beginning of the end of a rough year for president obama. we will break down how it's gone down with a special monday gaggle. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. stick with innovation.
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a federal investigation is now you should way to see why a new york city commuter train derailed in the bronx and killed four people leaving more than 60 injury and happened when a metro north train failed to negotiate a sharp curve. seven cars derailed, tumbling to the river's edge. that portion has been shut down to the extent of the investigation that can take as long as ten days. more from the scene of the crash. >> good morning. here in the bronx they started to right the trains that fell over in the crash. some are still on their sides. they brought in the cranes that lift them up. four people dead and 63 injured. the ntsb was at the controls at the time. they already managed to grab the black boxes and the data recorders off the front and the
6:39 am
back ends of the train. they are hoping that that data will tell them how fast the train was going and did anybody apply the brakes? the hudson line handles about 50,000 people a day. you can imagine that means traffic into and out of manhattan on the hudson line is affected. significant delays for people trying to get to and from work. >> that's for sure. speed is believed to have been a factor in the crash. we don't know how much of a factor. they went from 70 miles per hour to a minimum of 30 miles an hour to get around that curve. passengers report that the train was going much too fast. the engineer said his brakes failed. they are looking at every possibility. >> it could have been a problem with the track. it could have been an grmt failure. there were rumors to that or it could have been operator error. human beings make mistakes.
6:40 am
>> as we mentioned, people were killed in the train crash. among those who lot of their lives was a member of the nbc family. he was making his way to work to rehearse for wednesday's christmas tree lighting when the accident occurred. he leaves a wife nancy montgomery and children. our condolences and sympathy are with all of those who lot of their lives. add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items with brand-new versions. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ she loves a lot of it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right.
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this month marks the beginning of the end of a very tough year for president obama. if you had to write a summary for 2013, you would include at least five major lowlights for the president. the year began in the wake of the newtown shooting and the
6:44 am
push for gun control. the campaign was expected to fail, but it failed faster and quicker and more abruptly than the white house expected. they managed to take a step forward on immigration. that was a big deal in the spring. the president couldn't convince the house and the reform has taken two steps backward and they opened things up in the spring of 2014. when summer arrived, so did the subpoenas as they testified in a variety of hearings from the irs fiasco to the benghazi investigation. then there was what was the biggest story of the year politically in a negative light for the president. the nsa leaks. they stole the spotlight and tied up well into the fall creating problems domestically and internationally. the rough year culminated with the biggest headache of all. let's bring in the monday gaggle joined by the grio. "the washington post" chief correspondent and dan, you wrote
6:45 am
the lot of year, a conventional wisdom setting type of piece. they said they take an even longer view than year. i don't know what else you could expect. you start looking for the positives and we have been joking here off camera. i guess the positives are republicans got the blame for the shut down? that's the most successful political achievement for the year? >> i wouldn't say achievement, but they can look to that and say we are not in great shape, but the republicans are in worse shape. that's the way they continue to try to frame it. there is reality to that. the republicans take little joy out of the situation the president is in. if the president is at 40 or 42% when the mid-terms come up, a lot of democrats will be unhappy. >> i went through the senate map. when did they pull the plug on
6:46 am
the president? that's going to be his future, this whole idea of when does the lame duck begin? when members of your own party when you are sitting in the side begin to pull the blug on you. that happened with bush republicans in late 05 and early 06. that's what the president has to brace for. >> that are is starting to happen when they vote for the bill that would gutted it. are exactly. i think you will see increasingly the red state democrats and mary landrieu and mark bag itch and mark pryor trying to make the campaigns about anything else besides obama care. when that comes up, keeping a safe distance. >> i want to bring up a quote and it's a blind quote from somebody who turned down a job
6:47 am
from the president and said to some extent you are seeing the clinton effect. why take the risks of worging in a second obama administration when you can make $300,000 and work for hillary. this is a democrat saying this. a blind quote, here's the thing. it's stunning to read and not stunning to hear. >> it's not stunning at all in the fact that it's the way washington thinks. if you told me the president would not pass gun control, of course not. immigration we thought was something where there was potential for movement. part of this is the republicans. there is big policy visiting the republicans. that's driving this. they passed a tax increase with the president, but in general not a lot moving. things are going to move on and they are looking and talking about hillary clinton and what's going to happen then in 2017 as if he's a lame duck already.
6:48 am
>> that doesn't help. this quote is like -- the problem the president has is that perception among democrats in washington that he's already a lame duck. that's what the quote screams. >> you have to separate out what goes on here. the thinking of people here and the calculations and all that. with the rest of the country. >> but i think what happened this year is that it has infected the culture of the political class who are watching the president. i think that turning that around, even if the health care law, the website begins to work better and there were further signs of improvement. it's a larger problem than bouncing back. >> the bigger issue this year is one of the things about this idea that politics, both parties are a mess. both parties.
6:49 am
the president is a mess. the alternative seems like the unexpected in 2014 will be how do the voters react that are just fed up with both parties? what do they do? >> that's the consolation prize for democrats. the republican party this year has shown itself not to have recovered from the 2012 election. not to have learned from a lot of mistakes it made last year. they have big problems with women. >> what about the report. it has been a lot of year for republicans to rebrand themselves. >> the virginia governor's race was like a rerun and exposed how the problems are still there. not just in ken cuccinelli's campaign. they are in a lot of campaigns. the immigration reform, it's certainly a loss for the president. they will as republicans know continue to use it and hammer it with president obama going to
6:50 am
visit the fasters this weekend. he's going to continue to talk about immigration even if he knows it's a lot of cause. >> the republicans have won the big issue called the health care. the the democrats have seven that terry mcauliffe used in that governor's race and frankly every democrat running for the u.s. senate is going to use. immigration is one of them, contraception. we can go down the list. >> i think if you're a politician running in 2014, the key is don't be part of washington. chris christie ran a great campaign because he did not think about the republican model or obama, he bashed everyone and i think those are the candidates who will do well next year. a democrat who says i'm not with obama and i'm also opposed to the tea party. that's the key, to stay away from either party because neither party is popular right now. >> i still think this is sort of what this whole distrust of government, disillusionment, it's going to have this huge impact that i don't think we quite understand and it's going to take us a yore to figure it out or more. anyway, thank you all. coming up, my monday
6:51 am
takeaway. some of the hillary clinton shadow campaign developments that you may have missed while you were in that turkey-induced coma. first, white house soup of the day. at my house it's still turkey chili for a second day in a row. at the white house it's ranchero beef chili. trivia, george w. bush was the first president to mark world aids day by draping that giant aids red ribbon on the north portico of the white house. it was 2007 when that happened. congratulations to today's winner, silver alert bill. there you go, only on twitter. send your trivia suggestions to daily we'll be right back. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that won't trap me in a rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help!
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time for my monday takeaway. in the shadow campaign that is hillary for president, every day a headline emerges about something mrs. clinton is working to fix from her past
6:55 am
failed presidential bid. over the weekend, we had this one. it was this "new york times" piece on how she is working to strengthen relations with african-americans. a little bit of the monday blues here. how is she going to court african-americans in the post-president obama world five years after her husband's comments, which created some problems in that demographic for mrs. clinton. she now is trying to work to repair any remaining damage, if there is one. but there is another overlooked headline that deserves more attention than it got and it's how clinton aligns and distances herself from the administration to best position herself for 2016. there were two politico pieces that brought up this issue in the past week, particularly on the topic of iran. will, for instance, former secretary of state hillary clinton publicly react to the nuclear deal? and if so, how? a current decision is to stay silent and there's a lot of good reasons to stay silent. while she's cautiously optimistic about the deal, the implication is that she still
6:56 am
has some lingering concerns and perhaps she wouldn't have been comfortable negotiating it the way john kerry was comfortable doing it. while she doesn't want to be out-israeled by anybody, she also doesn't want to look like she is undermining her successor at the state department. so the hardest aspect on her noncandidacy will be how successfully she navigates or doesn't the second-guessing of the current administration without alienating it. she has to do it. she has to seem different from the previous administration. anybody running for president, even of the same party, has to make that distinction. how does she do it without alienating the administration? with iran, she's chosen to just keep quiet. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll see you right back here tomorrow. coming up next, chris jansing gets the ba taun. bye-b bye-bye. sir... i'll get it together i promise...
6:57 am
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30 minutes with octo copters on this, expected to be the busiest cyber monday in history. hawaii says aloha today to same-sex weddings, the 16th state to do it. it could become a mega destination site for couples looking for beach weddings. going even further left. how progressives in the democratic party are pushing the party on issues like the minimum wage and social security and what all that means for 2016. good morning, i'm chris jansing. this morning a big test for has thousands are expected to sign for coverage today with an improved website. the white house says there's been a huge progress. 50,000 people can now log on simultaneously, meeting the president's self-imposed deadline over the weekend. they also say the site is now working more than 90% of the time. compare that to just 40% in october. and it now takes pages less than one second to load. eight times faster than the

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